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Aug 20th, 2018

Florida 4th DCA Ruling on Facebook Live Video and Authentication - 2017 Federal Rules Make it Easier to Authenticate ESI

The Federal Rules of Evidence now allows for the admissibility of self-authenticating digital evidence. How can practitioners use the new FRE Rules in Florida state cases?  This article discusses how digital evidence, like Facebook Live videos, could be self-authenticating and best practices for Florida State court practitioners using the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.


On May 2, 2018, the Fourth District Court of Appeals (Fourth DCA) published its opinion in Lamb v. State of Florida, No. 4D17-545, Case No. 502016CF004626A (2018 WL 2049640 (Fla. 4th DCA 2018)). The Fourth DCA upheld the trial court's ruling that the Facebook Live video presented in this Palm Beach County criminal case was properly authenticated and admissible to the jury.

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Aug 20th, 2018

Retreat- Red Tide Update and Regular Registration Deadline

The Business Law Section stands committed to our members’ safety and comfort.  With regard to the Red Tide issue, we have contacted the hotel, which has told us "it is safe to be at the resort and if that situation should ever change we would certainly make our guests aware as their safety is our utmost priority."  Read More