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Dec 1st, 2017

Blog: Commitment = Success

Have you ever found yourself in one or more of the following situations?

1. You dial into a scheduled conference call. Ten minutes after the fact, you
learn that the person is no longer available for the call she requested.

2. You are hosting a networking reception and are surprised that several
individuals who sent in their RSVP do not show up.

3. An individual tells you that he will get back to you by a given time, yet you
do not hear from him.

Commitment cannot be substituted by an app. Keeping your word is a personal
choice and a definite precursor to success. Commitment is about action rather
than mere talk. This quality is available for anyone to grasp no matter where they
are on the corporate ladder.

Brand yourself as a credible person by keeping your word. It will take you far.

Compliments of Ann Marie Sabath, Author, Business Etiquette: 101 Ways To Conduct Business With Charm and Savvy and founder of At Ease Inc., the 30-year- old business etiquette training firm. Sabath presented at the 2017 Labor Day Weekend Member Retreat. Do you have a business etiquette question? Send it to Ann Marie at