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Nov 7th, 2017

Blog: How To Make The Most Out Of Unstructured Gatherings

Do you have mingle-phobia when attending business receptions?  Here are three sure-fire ways for putting your best self forward:
1 - Create a mental agenda by asking yourself why you are going in the first place. Your goal should include visiting with two or three new people rather than merely talking with the individuals whom you already know.

2 - When approaching people who you do not know, play it safe by looking for one person standing alone.  The reason: It will be an easy entrance for you and the person standing alone will most likely be pleased to have someone to meet.

3 - Whatever you do, avoid approaching two people who are standing closer than two arms lengths to each other. Their close proximity to each other signals that they are in a private conversation.

Compliments of Ann Marie Sabath, Author, Business Etiquette: 101 Ways To Conduct Business With Charm and Savvy and founder of At Ease Inc., the 30-year- old business etiquette training firm. Sabath presented at the 2017 Labor Day Weekend Member Retreat.
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