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Jun 12th, 2018

Changes to Construction Defects Statutes of Limitations: Are Subcontractors Now SOL?

The Florida Legislature has changed the Statute of Limitations for construction defects twice in the last two years. In 2017, the Florida Legislature adopted a definition for “completion of a contract” under the statute that favored builders by limiting their long-term exposure to liability for construction defects. In 2018, the Florida Legislature revisited the same statute and made changes that give builders a way to surpass the limits of the statute of repose. But who are these changes really helping and who are they burdening? Read More
Apr 1st, 2018

The Power Of Nice

Whether you are getting coffee in the break room, buying lunch in your company cafeteria or are en route to a meeting in an elevator, the eye contact you make, the way you acknowledge others and the courtesies you extend will show your true colors. Read More