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May 15th, 2019

News from USPTO Patent Pro Bono Team

From the USPTO Patent Pro Bono Team:
Last year, over 80 patent practitioners volunteered 50 or more hours on patent pro bono programs, and over 20 law firms were recognized for their practitioners’ participation. The USPTO continues to offer achievement certificates to practitioners, law firms, and corporations that provide the requisite hours of patent pro bono service in 2019. Certificates are signed by Commissioner for Patents, Drew Hirshfeld, and Deputy General Counsel and Director for the Office of Enrollment and Discipline, Will Covey. Additionally, certificate recipients are listed on the USPTO website if they so choose. We hope the members of your organization will take advantage of these opportunities to help financially under-resourced inventors and small businesses engage in our innovation economy.
Your patent attorney and agent members are uniquely positioned to help these inventors and small businesses file and prosecute patent applications. And they can volunteer through their local patent pro bono program. Please see or for more information. The local program screens applicants using criteria that include: (1) household income; (2) knowledge of the patent system; and (3) possession of an actual invention (not merely an idea).