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Oct 26th, 2018

Pro Bono Week, Day 5

During this National Celebration of Pro Bono, our Florida colleagues and communities hit by Hurricane Michael are fresh on our minds.  But there are many survivors of prior hurricanes and other recent disasters in Florida and other states who continue to suffer life-altering impacts and need legal assistance.  The ABA’s Disaster Relief group is continuing to provide legal assistance to those rebuilding their lives and businesses following last year’s Hurricane Irma, as well as disasters affecting other parts of our country, like Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Maria, and the California Wildfires.   

Check out the ABA’s site for details on how to volunteer to assist disaster survivors in Texas, California, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and nationwide: 

Hurricane Florence (North Carolina)

Hurricane Florence hit North and South Carolina in September 2018.  A recent order of the North Carolina Supreme Court permits lawyers licensed in states other than North Carolina to temporarily provide pro bono legal services to low- and moderate-income residents affected by Hurricane Florence.  Sign up through North Carolina State Bar to provide assistance here.

Hurricane Irma and Michael (Florida)

Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida in August 2017, and Hurricane Michael just hit North Florida in October 2018.  Here again are links to provide assistance to those impacted by Hurricane Michael  this month in Florida: