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Cannabis Law Study Group

Section Chair Jay Brown announced at the Section’s June 27, 2019 Executive Council meeting the formation of a Cannabis Law Study Group.  That Group is charged with the following:

  1. Evaluate options to provide cannabis law practitioners participation in, access to and benefits of the Business Law Section including but not limited to full committee standing, task force, or subcommittee/joint subcommittee within existing standing substantive committees;
  1. Consider negative and positive impacts of such participation and access, including concerns over Section reputation, membership enhancement or detraction, and use of proceeds from potential sponsors or from events involving cannabis law practitioners being inappropriate under both Federal and Florida law;
  1. Outline proposed initial scope of any formed group’s activities within the Section and correspondingly any initial limitations; and
  1. Report back and make recommendations to the Executive Council as to the foregoing and any related matters at the Labor Day retreat.

Study Group Members are:

Alan Howard – chair

Philip Bates

Keith Bell

Russ Blain

Michael Chesal

Kacy Donlon

Mariane Dorris

Todd Green

Cyndi Hibnick

Zach Hyman

Sally Kent Peebles

Woody Pollack

Tameika Range

Jon Robbins

Paula Savchenko

Phil Schwartz

Diane Wells

Don Workman