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If you want to know more about the value of joining, here are just some of the tremendous benefits of active membership in The Business Law Section

1. Network / Improve Your Issue Perception / Maintain or Develop a Broader Perspective:

The Business Law Section is the primary resource for Florida business lawyers who network with other business lawyers from around the State, and who seek practical information about business law developments in Florida, within their needs and areas of interest in business law. If you are interested in any areas of business law, you should join and become active in the BLS.

2. Become Part of a Unique Professional Community with Shared Interests:

Over time, a strong sense of community has developed among BLS members through shared experiences and interests. These include in-person meetings of the Section and its Committees, between meeting teleconferences , many exceptional CLE programs (including the annual View From The Bench bankruptcy program, Intellectual Property Law Symposium, and Securities Institute, as well as specialized programs on many areas of business law, some of which are free streaming webcasts), listserv participation, e-mails, social media contacts, content creation projects, legislative initiatives, and social activities, to name a few. Younger lawyers and law students who may appreciate contacts with potential mentors especially will benefit from observing and interacting with many of the very top business lawyers in Florida; some nationally prominent. Numerous past Chairs of the Business Law Section built on their leadership capabilities and subsequently became a President of The Florida Bar. In short, the Section is exceptionally inclusive: all members are encouraged to participate. Being active in the Section and participating in meetings provides numerous opportunities to develop or improve the key indicators for success: presentation, networking, and leadership skills; and to benchmark yourself with respect to your peers.

3. Get Published in The Florida Bar Journal or The BLS Business Law Journal:

The BLS is privileged to sponsor an article in the Florida Bar Journal every month. Your involvement in the Section would facilitate your ability to publish with the BLS imprimatur. The BLS also has its own electronically published Business Law Journal that covers trends and important Florida Court decisions. This Journal would be available for you to contribute a case note or an article if you have an interest in being an author, and it would help you create content you can repurpose for your own blog postings.

4. Provide Your Input for Future Legislation:

The Business Law Section is a highly regarded incubator for sound policy-driven business law legislation in Florida. It has very effective lobbyists in Tallahassee and a well-respected, outsized reputation in the Florida Legislature. Legislators frequently seek to sponsor legislation conceived and written by the BLS. Last year, for example, a Task Force of the Section - which had been working for four years writing a completely new LLC Act - accomplished a complete re-write of the law, passed unanimously by the Legislature, and signed by the Governor in June 2013. That is not by any means our only legislative achievement. Numerous Bills have been passed during this and prior year's Legislative Sessions because of the Section's sustained contributions. In fact, the Section's prominence within the Bar is in part due to its well-attended meetings, especially at the annual Labor Day Weekend Retreat where proposed legislation for the Legislative Sessions are considered. Younger lawyers and law students who join the BLS are invited to participate in these legislative activities, and related research initiatives and CLE programs, as ways to increase their exposure to the entire BLS membership. Joining the BLS enables you to be aware of potential future legislation on areas of business law, ahead of your peers who are not involved, and it may provide an opportunity to share your insights and possibly participate in presenting at CLE programs, as well as alert your clients to impending potential changes in the Florida statutes.

5. Enjoy a Spectacular Labor Day Weekend Retreat:

(August 30 - September 2): For the past 18 years the BLS has sponsored a members-only "Retreat” each year that is positioned to meet between the Annual Meeting in the summer, and the Mid-Year Meeting in the winter. This year the Retreat will be held at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. Unlike the recent Annual Meeting, where 5,000+ members converged to meet amid hubbub and distractions, the BLS Retreat will be held in the Yacht Club, a separate, beautiful hotel within the Boca Raton Resort. [At most 450 people (including families with children) might be present for a family sub-event. The opening reception, yacht cruise, Saturday luncheon, and meetings of all Committees will at most have less than 250 total participating lawyers. Most meetings have less than 50 participants.] There will be three tracks of excellent CLE programs held Sunday morning covering various aspects of business law and on the business of law. The retreat is held in a relaxed setting where business casual attire is the rule. Opportunities will abound to network, participate in social activities, and enjoy many sports: golf, tennis, kayaking, and even a 5K run benefitting The Florida Bar Foundation, a beautiful beach, a spa, and several fitness centers. The annual BLS Labor Day Weekend Retreat is a very special event that attracts law firm top management, practice leaders, federal and state judges, prominent law professors, and Bar leaders, a number of whom currently serve on the Board of Governors. Many of the lawyers who you will meet are being groomed to become future leaders of their law firm, The Florida Bar, The American Bar Association, and other professional organizations. In fact, the BLS is honored to note that in the prestigious new Florida Bar Leadership Academy, 11 of the Academy Admittees [out of 49 total nominees] are BLS members! This outstanding achievement is a testament to the high caliber of the Section's overall membership. The bottom line is, you really should be at the Retreat to share your insights and recommendations, to obtain great CLE, and to enjoy wonderful companionship and food, all included in your registration fee. This year, the Section will have an Event App to facilitate taking advantage of all the Retreat has to offer (it links to Microsoft Outlook calendaring to make planning your participation seamless).

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! If you have not previously come to a Business Law Section Retreat, and you are a BLS member or you join the Business Law Section, your Retreat registration fee and your hotel room will be heavily discounted. Included CLE opportunities abound. Networking and socializing opportunities are important; ample time will be set aside for these activities. Most importantly, you will be taking a giant step towards advancing your career. A new Task Force is forming to consider legislative proposals to rectify constitutional and procedural tensions because of splits in the case law interpreting and applying Florida's statutory "Proceedings Supplementary." You can be part of the new Task Force or join others in progress. Now is the best time to join or to become active. Participate in the inclusive BLS Labor Day Weekend Retreat. Complete registration information for the Retreat is on the BLS Website:

As a member in good standing of The Florida Bar, you are invited to join the Business Law Section (BLS). Registration is limited to current members of The Florida Bar and persons who qualify as "Affiliates" including Law Professors and Students (students receive the benefit of a reduced rate). Click on the following links to submit an application today.

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The Business Law Section of The Florida Bar, organized in 1970, serves Florida lawyers, law students, and the faculty of its law schools. BLS members share a common interest in the laws affecting Florida's businesses, including corporate, contract, bankruptcy, franchise, antitrust, securities, and intellectual property law. The BLS serves an important role in shaping commercial law policy from commercial litigation to alternative dispute resolution.