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Chair's Message

Message From the Chair – June 2020

I hope this message finds each of you well during these challenging circumstances.

We begin this bar year during unprecedented times.  Many of our members are still working remotely and life is slowly starting to get back to normal after the COVID-19 nearly brought the world to a halt.  During these difficult times, it is important to look for silver linings and count our blessings.  One of them is being a part of such a strong professional community like the Business Law Section of the Florida Bar.  Here we have opportunities for professional and business development as well as to forge connections throughout the state with attorneys of different disciplines, all of whom provide counsel in the area of business law.

This year, we promise to continue to deliver these opportunities even if doing so is via a virtual environment at the outset.  Our newly formed COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery Task Force is poised to lead the way in providing resources for our members to best face the challenges presented by the pandemic.  The Task Forces has assembled a robust list of resources providing reliable and timely information regarding updates on the courts, the U.S. Copyright Office, U.S. Patent Office and among useful links to CLE on demand.   The resources are continually being updated with the latest information to provide easily accessible and reliable information to our members. The Task Force has also launched a webinar series available on demand featuring our section members providing instructive, timely information affecting various practices areas and providing useful tips for all during this post-COVID era. I propose that we not let COVID-19 deter us from the work of the Section.  We will continue to anticipate the needs of the business law community and stay the course in our legislative efforts to propose, review and monitor legislative filings that affect the substantive areas of law relevant to our members.

I hope to focus on our efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the Section, legal profession and justice system.  The Section will continue to strive for equality, diversity and inclusivity and to increase participation in pro bono services among the Section members both which are critical endeavors in these times of great need for social justice in our communities.

Finally, we will continue to provide our annual renowned CLE programs including the View from the Bench, the Federal Securities Law Institute, the Intellectual Property Law Symposium and many others. We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Section this year is a great milestone for the Section. 

If you are not already a Section member, I encourage you to join us. In the interim, if there is anything we can do to better serve you, please do not hesitate to contact me.