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Sep 4th, 2020

BLS Revamps and Revitalizes its Mentorship Program

"Extra! Extra! Read all about the Revamped & Revitalized BLS Mentor/Mentee Program" 
Are you a BLS Member? Have you ever taken the time to read our Bylaws; specifically, have you read Article 1.2, Sections (d) and (h) ("Purpose [of the Business Law Section]"), which state that among the purposes of this section, we are to "provide education and professional development for members of the section in substantive areas of business law (including practice management) practiced by the members of the section, and to enhance business law education generally; and inculcate in section members and promote, support and take actions consistent with the principles of diversity, inclusion, and fellowship in the practice of business law and in the section's activities." Well, that's where the BLS Mentor/Mentee Program steps into the picture. The importance of our contribution as members to this section extends beyond ourselves and intercedes on behalf of our members, into the necessary and inherently rewarding component of our membership, that is: FELLOWSHIP. 
You don't have to be a "young attorney" to be a mentee, and you don't have to be a "seasoned attorney" to be a mentor, you just need to be an attorney that is willing to give and receive the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that is best passed on through the relationship building that culminates in mentorship. As such, the IMF Committee has completely revamped and revitalized the BLS Mentor/Mentee program, holding Mentors and Mentee's to a higher standard of Mentorship by creating a Pledge Program that commands accountability, and more importantly, that provides each Mentor/Mentee with the tools necessary to make the most of their Mentorship experience with a quantifiable, efficient, and succinct program that is designed to make the most of the Mentorship experience for all parties involved. We therefore encourage those Mentor's who have signed up (or more importantly, who haven't), to sign up to be a Mentor, commit to the Pledge Agreement, and before the end of October 2020, you will be paired up with a Mentee, who will also have committed themselves to the same Pledge Agreement. Note that we will be tracking the progress of this program, so while we encourage every member to sign up, we do so with a caveat that each be willing to adhere to the guidelines we have set forth in the Pledge Agreement. It's time to put your money where your mouth is, potential BLS Mentors (and Mentees). There is no doubt that we will get many responses from Mentees who crave the benefit of what our section has to offer them. Let's show them that we are willing to rise to the occasion, and honor the Business Law Section's purpose of educating and developing our members and of taking active steps toward fellowship. As a section, we all stand to benefit from it.