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Antitrust & Trade Regulation Subcommittee

Dee Dee Fischer


Hon. Edward LaRose

Judicial Chair

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Please find attached the most recent draft of the Antitrust & Trade Regulation Law Revision Committee’s proposals for changes in standards for Board Certification.


Please note the extensive efforts made under the leadership of Judge LaRose and Hal Litchford over an extended period of time to advance these changes.  Briefly, changes in direction in Antitrust law, led by Federal Appellate Courts have significantly diminished antitrust litigation.  In addition, the locus of antitrust litigation is largely centered in the District of Columbia and away from Florida.


This results in a diminution of the number of active antitrust litigation lawyers in Florida.  Indeed, I could afford to invite them all to dinner and not miss a mortgage payment.

Many of these litigators have shifted their practice into FDUPTA cases and common law unfair competition.  My colleagues observe an opportunity to broaden the scope of this category of certification to include Consumer Law specialists.  This is a very small change as virtually all aspects of antitrust law impact consumers.  However, these proposed changes would potentially welcome a far larger number of Florida lawyers into its tent, and not just litigators.


As always, input is needed from other Sections and Committees that might be favorably impacted by this added focus.  We would like to begin this process in earnest at the Annual Meeting in June, 2016 with the hope of receiving guidance from all interested parties in the September Meetings.




Irwin R. Gilbert, Esq.