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Proposed Amendments to Florida Rules of Civil Procedure Task Force

Bart Valdes


Hon. Ralph Artligliere

Judicial Chair

Update February 2020

The Task Force has drafted and is considering proposed amendments to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure relating to non-specific objections to discovery requests, federal proportionality considerations in regard to discovery (to both parties and non-parties), and addressing meet and confer and initial case management requirements.  The Task Force is currently working on drafts of revisions to Rule 1.010, Rule 1.200, Rule 1.280, Rule 1.350 and Rule 1.410.  

The Task Force is working on a proposed amendment to Rule 1.010 adding language relating to the “just, speedy and inexpensive determination of every action and proceeding” to be consistent with the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  The Task Force is also looking at additional proposals in regard to the case management rules and how to address the absence of a meet and confer requirement in discovery disputes and in regard to non-dispositive motions.  This includes proposing potential amendments to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure to adopt language similar to, or patterned after, parts of Rule 26(g) and Rule 34 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Final Version of Comments to Rule 1.380 amendments

Federal Rules Subcommittee Report of January 2018

Update July 2019

The Task Force reported on the status of the proposed amendment to Rule 1.380 and the drafting of a proposed amendment to Rule 1.010 to harmonize the Florida Rules with the Federal Rules.  We also discussed amendments to Rule 1.200 and 1.201 to provide a mandatory meet and confer in certain circumstances.  Also, we discussed potential amendments to Rule 1.280 and other related rules to consider proportionality and cost-shifting provisions.  Last, we discussed adding a requirement to the Florida Rules to state objections to discovery with specificity versus the use of boilerplate objections.